Autor: Simon Maier
Apariție: 2011
Editura: Marshall Cavendish
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-981-4302-62-3
Pagini: 223
Oraș: London, UK
Limba: engleză
Dimensiuni: 5.98 x 0.75 x 9.21 inches
Reader's Review: 5
Biblioteca: Împrumută

INSPIRE! showcases 100 of the most brilliant speeches ever delivered from the worlds of film and theatre. From the plays of Shakespeare to contemporary cinema hits, people over the years have been inspired and moved by superb actors delivering powerful lines. Yet only a select few can be called truly „essential” to the betterment of the human spirit and condition, and these are the speeches which form this book.

Some speeches have stood the test of time. Others are classics and are known by everyone. Why do we quote from them for pleasure and politics? Why have some been used for propaganda? Why do they make us cry and laugh? Are there insights that can benefit anyone who needs to deliver a rousing, powerful speech or presentation? Simon Maier selects the 100 from stage and screen and offers insights and analyses as to why they have inspired so many.


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