Short Films
Autor: Nathan Parker
Apariție: 28/09/2007
Editura: creative ESSENTIALS
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-904048-81-7
Pagini: 300
Oraș: Harpenden, United Kingdom
Limba: engleză
Dimensiuni: 5.5 x 0.94 x 7.5 inches
5.0 rating
Biblioteca: Împrumută

Short Films: How to Make and Distribute Them

The advent of affordable filmmaking equipment and software, combined with the popularity of websites such as Youtube, which encourage the submission of user-created short films, add up to interest in making and viewing shorts being higher than ever. Experienced professionals are interviewed on all aspects of short film production process in this filmmakers' resource that covers screenwriting, casting, shooting formats, location scouting, soundtracks, computer effects, and how to get the final product distributed. Five award-winning short films from distributor Dazzle Films, including Being Bad and BAFTA-nominated Hotel Infinity, discussed as case studies in the book are featured on a bonus DVD, along with layouts for budget spreadsheets, release forms, contracts, and more.


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