The Actor’s Other Career Book
Autor: Lisa Mulcahy
Apariție: 1/04/2006
Editura: Allworth Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-58115-453-4
Pagini: 209
Oraș: New York, SUA
Limba: engleză
Dimensiuni: 6 x 6 x 9 inches
5.0 rating
Biblioteca: Împrumută

Actors don't have to become Broadway stars to make a living with their acting talents. The Actor’s Other Career Book pulls back the curtain to reveal more than 50 permanent and temporary positions available in cruise ships, trade shows, retail stores, advertising agencies, corporate settings, education, social outreach, tourist attractions, physical fitness, and much more. Whether actors are looking to continue performing in new venues or apply their skills to a new field, this is the resource to help make the transition. Interviews with successful actors reveal how others looked beyond the stage for lucrative and satisfying work, how they applied their training and background to their current positions, and how they achieved success on their own terms. A comprehensive listing of organizations, Web sites, companies, and publications provide a wealth of tools. All actors looking to take control of their futures will need this book.


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