Arta Actorului

INSPIRE! showcases 100 of the most brilliant speeches ever delivered from the worlds of film and theatre. From the plays of Shakespeare to contemporary cinema hits, people over the years have been inspired and moved by superb actors delivering powerful lines. Yet only a select few can be called trul...Detalii Carte
Autor : Simon Maier
Apariție : 2011
Editura : Marshall Cavendish
Biblioteca : Împrumută
(Limelight). Do you need to learn an English or Irish accent quickly, or do you have plenty of time? Either way, Teach Yourself Accents The British Isles: A Handbook for Young Actors and Speakers is for you: an easy-to-use manual full of clear, cogent advice and fascinating information. Contemporary...Detalii Carte
Autor : Robert Blumenfeld
Apariție : 11/06/2013
Editura : Limelight Editions
Biblioteca : Împrumută
Teach Yourself Accents
Sande Shurin's enlightened acting technique is a determined effort to steer away from intellectual, theory-based instruction to a more creative and viscerally human approach. It moves beyond teaching how to represent a character or various emotions toward living a role with in-the-moment identificat...Detalii Carte
Autor : Sande Shurin
Apariție : 2002
Editura : Limelight
Biblioteca : Împrumută
Transformational Acting


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